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Registration: 2020 Prince George Iceman - TEAM Registrations (2020-02-09 09:00 am)

This list shows all online COMPLETED registrations immediately.  Paper registrations (if accepted by an event) do not show up in this list.

  Team Category Team Name First Name Last Name
Mixed Open*Sadie's Ice CrushersAaron Barnard
   Aaron Barnard
Mixed Open*Team M-A-C-S-TAaronBrouwer
Junior Mixed (All Competitors Between Age 10 & 15)Vander-IceAdisonGrady
Mixed Open*Vital SignsAlastairMclellan
Junior Boys (All Competitors Between Age 10 & 15)Southridge IcebreakersAlexisRekdal
   Omar Iqbal
Junior Boys (All Competitors Between Age 10 & 15)Southridge Blue BendersAlexisRekdal
Junior Girls (All Competitors Between Age 10 & 15)Southridge StingersAlexisRekdal
Mixed Open*Wingin itAmaraFilan
Mixed Open*Misfits AmberReimer
All Female OpenThe other 93%AmieO'Brien
   Amie O'Brien
   Breanne Cote
   Jessica Duckworth
   Patricia Lorenz