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I train full time as a member of the National Biathlon Senior Development Team in the mountain town Canmore, Alberta. I am motivated to achieve my goals and am constantly looking for the extra details to push me to the top. I have been Canadian Champion 6 times and have my sights set on the 2014 Olympic Winter Games! I was recently awarded the Pacific Western Brewery’s Hometown Heroes Award and am proud to represent Prince George leading up to the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

Where I started?

I have been interested in sport my entire life, and began cross country skiing when I was 8 years old. I have a passion for racing, and when I was 10 years old I began competing in Biathlon.  When I was 11 years old, I began following my first official training plan revolving around the biathlon season. I started with a 225 hour per year plan which my biathlon coaches (Jeremy Campbell and Fiona Coy) had constructed. Without their dedication, biathlon would have never become a part of my life. At the time I was also competing in triathlon, and had not made up my mind on which sport to pursue. All I knew; I wanted to compete at the Olympics. I raced in both Biathlon and Triathlon until I was 15. At that point I decided I would make Biathlon my priority sport. I loved all the sports I was doing, but I had to start concentrating more on sport specific development.

I was 15 when I attended my first Canadian Biathlon National Championships, in Edmonton, Alberta. I finished near the bottom of my category, but realized that this was my challenge. I saw who had won, and said to myself, “I will beat them.” Over the next three years, I watched myself steadily progress watching as alot of my friends decided to drop out. I have never given up on a goal, and I said that I was going to win a gold medal at the National Championships. In 2008, after 8 seasons of competing in biathlon, I won the Youth (17/18) 12.5km Individual at the Whistler Olympic Park, and became Canadian National Champion for the first time. My first goal was accomplished and I was looking forward to bigger goals for next season.

The next season, I won three gold medals at the 2009 Canadian National Championships. I am currently competing as a senior and working hard for a National team spot. I have never second guessed that I wanted to work hard and see how far I could push my limits. I have experienced so much traveling and competing in Biathlon and regardless of my final destination, I am thankful for the opportunity, health and support to pursue my Olympic aspirations!

Matt NeumannAchievements:

  • 2011 Pacific Western Brewery’s Hometown Hero Award
  • 5th 2011 Canada Winter Games 10km Skate February 21st, 2011
  • 3rd 2011 Canada Winter Games 4X5km Relay February 26th, 2011
  • 3rd Qualified at 2011 U26 European Champs Canadian Trials January 30, 2011
  • 2nd Canadian National Championships Senior Men 20km (individual) March 23/2011
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Junior Men 12.5km (pursuit) March 6/2010
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Junior Mix 6km (relay) March 7/2010
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Junior Men 15km (individual) March 26/2009
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Junior Men 10km (sprint) March 28/2009
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Junior Relay (3x 6km) March 29/2009
  • 1st Canadian National Championships Youth 10km (individual) March 27/2008
  • 6th World Summer Championships Relay (4X7.5km) September 22/2009
  • 13th World Summer Championships Junior Men 6km Sept 20/2009
  • 20th World Summer Championships Junior Men 4km Sept 19/2009



  • Podium finish at 2012 Canadian National Biathlon Championships
  • Top 30 finish at a 2012 International Biathlon Union Cup
  • Qualify for the 2012 Canadian National Biathlon Team
  • Compete at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Why Biathlon?

Through Biathlon, sport has become a lifestyle for me. During the past 12 years, Biathlon has grown from a fun sport to a full time job. By training at a professional level, I am constantly striving to improve my skills as an athlete and bridge the gap to the international podium. I am always making and redefining my goals. It is satisfying to accomplish a height and push the bar one step higher. It is a long way to the top, but the reward is indescribable. I am interested to see how far I can go and am willing to push my limits to achieve my full potential.

Special Thanks

I can train as hard as I can, and spend as many hours possible focused on succeeding, but at the end of the day, I need the support of a team behind me. I am so thankful to have the opportunity, health, and support to pursue my goals. I face a significant amount of challenges and I realize I couldn’t do it by myself. Without my support network I would never be able to reach my full potential.  I want to mention the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, Pacific Western Brewery, Prince George Ramada Inn, National Firearms Association, Prince George Rod and Gun Club, and of course Stride & Glide Sport as outstanding supporters in our community. Thank you!

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