If you have a pair of skis that needs a little TLC, stone grinding may be the answer! Stone grinding can rejuvenate an old pair of skis, removing "dead" base material, scratches, and flattening a ski that has many more kilometers of skiing hidden beneath it's worn surface. If you think that stone grinding may be an option for you, give us a call or bring your skis in to see us.

Stone grinding (with proper subsequent treatment) will assure optimal glide for your skis because:

1. The skis will become absolutely FLAT, both longitudinally and cross-wise.
2. The newly exposed fresh base assures better wax absorption.
3. The ski base will have a uniform structure (pattern) geared to snow conditions by your choice of grind.

All stone grinding is done by our friends at Trail Sports, offering the following grinds:

  • Very Coarse - for wet snow conditions
  • Coarse - for above zero snow conditions
  • Medium - for zero and near zero snow
  • Fine - for the widest range of conditions
  • Very Fine - for cold fine snow

The service includes Roto-brushing (to remove micro-hairs) and application of the first coat of soft glide wax, which is left without scraping to protect the base.

Once your sks have been stone ground it is best to saturate the bases with wax to ensure they will be as fast as possbile when they first hit the snow.  There are a couple of ways to do this but the most time efficient and effect way is to have them Hot Boxed.

If you are not sure about your skis, bring them in or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you. Deep scratches or gouges can be taken out, but at the expense of excess base removal.

Please drop off your skis with the travel wax scraped off and have them taped together (no straps), all ski straps will be treated as donations to the ski grinding gods.


Store Hours
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Sunday: Closed (See you on the trails)
We'll be open Sunday's again after the Thanksgiving weekend

Stride & Glide Sports
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Phone: (250) 612-4754

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