Registration: 2021 Sadownik Community Miles For Smiles Cancer Fundraiser (2021-06-05 08:00 am - 2021-06-12 )

Welcome to the Sadownik Community Miles for Smiles Cancer Fundraiser! This year we decided to do something completely different and 110% fun! 

The event this year will remain a Virtual. Why, you ask? Because we want you to explore your community and trails . To get to know the beauty of and the area in which we live. The Vertical Slam Ultimate Challenge association will be putting together a series of local trails and links to maps that you can use. You can use it kind of like your guide! 
The event will run June 5-12th so you have a whole week and 2 weekends to have some fun! Yes the traditional Vertical Slam routes and the traditional Sadownik Fish creek route maps will be included in our grouping, so the really cool thing is you can register for the Slam  and tick that off your miles list and then explore away and end with the traditional Sadownik route on the 12th! You can then earn keepsakes to BOTH events! If you decide you want to do these trails at your leisure anytime during June 5-12 , have fun! This is completely up to you! There will be multiple fun trails to explore. You can do as little as 5km each trail or you can go up to 20km + each trail. 
IF YOU ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE......Maybe conquer 4-5 trails in one day! It is super fun to hike/walk/run one and then drive to another and take it on! 
The cost for the event is $25 and proceeds go towards buying food gift cards for local residents in the chemo unit at our hospital. There is a donation button if you would like to donate more to this cause. 
The Sadownik Facebook page will be set up for you to share your pictures and adventures. Miles and Smiles.
Keep an honor system or if you wish, show your Strava and Runkeeper apps to show a total miles ticker at the end of the week! Challenge yourself! What can you achieve?
Make your own creative running bib and take it with you! Numbers will be issued before June 5. 
The keepsakes for your event will be arranged for a safe pickup point after the event, or you can get mailed to you for a postage charge. If you do NOT want a keepsake ( medals TBD) please list it. 
Lets make Steve and Nicole Sadownik look down from heaven and smile. Lets support our community. Because after all....we have each other to support. 
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We doing everything we can to try and hold a Real Live Event in 2021 but as everyone knows, this may be out of our control. Please let us know which event you would like to sign up for. If you sign up for the Live Event and we are unable to proceed as planned, your registration will be moved to the Virtual Run.

A Virtual Run is in place for participants to be able to support the the cause even if they are not able to attend. The Virtual run can be done any time during the week of the event. We request you take a selfie of yourself once the run is done and submit with your Strava, Runkeeper, Underarmour, or running app. We will post on our site in thanks for your hard work. You will be mailed a medal after the main event.
Tell us how many hours you're going to dedicate for cancer (1-12 hours):
I Would Like To Donate Extra Money To Benefit Local Families In Our Chemo Unit. 100% Of The Funds Go Towards Food Gift Cards For Families Struggling With This Horrible Illness:
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We WILL have medals! We are in talks with a local business to use their pick up window as a medal pick up spot! This will be revealed! ( if you are needing them mailed there an $8 postage fee so that the postage money does not come out of cause). The medal pick up will be done after the 15th as to include the Sadownik memorial pickup.
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