Registration: 2019 Prince George Iceman - TEAM Registrations (2019-02-10 09:00 am)

This list shows all online COMPLETED registrations immediately.  Paper registrations (if accepted by an event) do not show up in this list.

  Team Category Team Name First Name Last Name
All Female Masters (40+)**WTF (Where's The Finish)AmberStorey
   Leslie Chamberlist
   Julie Ubdegrove
Mixed Open*Soft & ShiftyAnthonyGagne
   Angeline Spears
Mixed Grand Masters (50+)***His Royal Thighness and the ThighmatesBarryBooth
   Gregor Reid
Mixed Open*30 years laterBrianMartinson
Junior Girls (All Competitors Between Age 10 & 15)The Purple PenguinsCalliePeterson
   Isla Cadell
   Gabby Hoehn
Mixed Grand Masters (50+)***Team CaribouCarterBloom
Mixed Open*My Mom Thinks Im FastChantelleGrafton
All Male OpenLumbering AlongD'ArcyHenderson
Mixed Open*Soloing is for Suckers, Vol. 2DennisBalogh
   JimVan Bakel
Mixed Open*The Daft DodgersDevonFlynn
   Neelam Pahal